Monday, August 12, 2013

Here goes nothing....

For all of those who hinted or requested a blog, your wish is now granted...Here you will find all of my bargain hunting, homesteading, and of course a glimpse of what I come across while raising three gremlins and a husband. 

 As summer will soon be winding down I find myself with a new job. An official STAY. AT. HOME. MOM...Although I'm excited about this role, I also have some reservations. Will I become bored, want to pull my hair out, and completely lose a sense of self? Or for the first time will I actually be able to put 100% focus on my family and achieve the goals I have for us?

Here for you entertainment, may I introduce my world:

Hubs: My rock and also the fourth child. He has taken the summer off for the birth of our third child and has been completely selfless. He has done everything from cleaning and cooking to child rangling so that I can have a smooth transition with the baby.  <3 p="">

Tank or "The Boy"  - My happy hyper :) Loves anything to do with sports. Not one to chill for very long but is very patient and willing to help with his younger sisters. 

Fifi - Sweet, comical, and thrives on attention! Loves her babies, arts and is completely obsessed with her baby sister.

Spider Baby - Similar to the Honey Badger, Spider Baby don't care. Happiest snuggled up with mommy or being a spider baby with daddy perched up on a window sill ready for an attack.

Lucy -(Goose) One who thinks she is a cat, toddler, or queen of the house depending on her mood.

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